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We are Water Pixies, a mobile underwater photo studio. 

We freeze time and suspend gravity to provide you with breathtaking portraits. Literally.

We take school photography to pools and take studio photography underwater. No weight, no pressure, great light - you look better underwater.

Whether you are an experienced model or a child learning to swim, we capture authenticity, we capture skill.


Ethereal portraits or plashes of life in pictures, you choose, we capture.  

Why shoot with us? 


Quite simply, no one else does what we do. If they did, they wouldn’t do it the way we do it! We turned underwater photography upside down. Superlative images at the tip of your fingers for reasonable prices.

Choose a free session with no buying obligations yet maintain the professionalism and fun of the experience as well the quality of the final output.

--> Swim School Photo Hoop and Underwater Photo Booth.

Or opt for the tailored approach if you are after a deeply personal and creative photo session providing you with superlative timeless photographs, to frame and hang at any size. 

--> Underwater Photo Studio and Squad Photo Session

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