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Photo Studio

Ethereal photography. Timeless elegance.


Maternity, family, couples, models, creative sessions. 

Our Underwater Photo Studio session is the tailored option to underwater photography for those wanting to comprehensively capture a timeless portrait, meaningful moments and relationships in flawless photographs.

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The details 


Have your private photo shoot in your pool or at one of our partner private swimming pools. You choose. 

Our Underwater Photo Studio session ​is a pre-booked 30 to 60 minutes private session of up to 4 people.

The visual outcome is a comprehensive set of carefully crafted photographic images (10 to 40 images). 

Your photo session fee includes your 

Underwater Photo Studio session and the online-resolution images available for download on your personal gallery. 


High resolution digital files, prints and framing solution purchases are à la carte, straight from your gallery. 


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Is the pool warm?

We can't speak for your pool, but Freedom pools are a nice 24 to 29 degrees depending on the pool. This is a comfortable temperature for adults and kids, but may be a little chilly for babies and toddlers. Comfort depends a lot on your metabolism and on whether you are doing a 30min or a 60min shoot. 

What do I wear?

We recommend wearing something reasonably flowy as this gives the best visual effect in the water. Any vibrant colours looks great but maybe stay away from blue as it tends to get lost. We have a few maternity gowns available and we are currently building a collection of miscellaneous items such as coats, hats, tutus for children ect.

What do I bring?

Anything you are happy to submerge! We love when you bring your own props to personalise your shoot. We also have a few props that you are welcome to use.

Otherwise bring what you would bring to the beach or your local pool; towel, sunscreen, warm clothes for afterwards, plastic bag for wet clothes, ect.

How well do I need to be able to swim?

The pools we shoot in have a variety of different depths to accommodate all swimming abilities, however subjects do need to be comfortable enough in the water to be submerged - we take underwater photos afterall! 

What if I want to wear makeup?

No problem! We recommend oil-based products, since oil and water don't mix, the product tends to stay on your skin rather than drift off into the water. We have also found that cream products such as cream blush and cream eyeshadow are more effective than standard powders. With that said, it helps to set your face with a translucent powder and setting spray. As for lashes, make sure you have a strong lash glue!


You may also wish to use the services of our partner professional makeup artist Jo at an additional cost. Check out her work here.

Can we do it at the beach?

Yes, it is possible, however visibility affects the quality of the images (a lot). Visibility changes with currents and weather patterns which are hard to predict in advance and schedule around. We are happy to do it, but you run the risk of having cloudy or sandy water images. But if you are in love the ocean, there is obviously no replacing it! 

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