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What does the photo shoot cost?

Swim school photo sessions are free. They are integrated to your regular time at the pool. We take the photos, curate and edit them, then send you your login details by email within a week (see privacy details here). 

What do the photos cost?

There are many different items and packages available: prints, digital files, Ice blocks, Aluminium, etc. You can purchase as little or as much as you'd like. Prints begin at $12, digital files start at $15.


You can see all the prices here


I received my link, how do I order photos?

Your gallery is an online shop. Simply click on a photo you like and click 'buy'. A pop up menu will show up offering you to buy items or packages. 


You can see the various items and packages available here. Simply make up your cart with as much or as little as you wish and check out! 

In 'items' you will see the tabs 'prints', 'digital', 'alumalux', 'Ice Blocks', 'acrylic facemount'.


Navigate to whichever product you are interested in. Once you have chosen the size, you will see a description and photos of the product in some cases. 


In 'packages' you will see the packages available. Choose your package, you will then be offered to select the specific photos you would like in your package. 

To buy all photos in your gallery in online resolution or in HD navigate to items, you will see the option of 'buying all' photos in either online resolution or in HD. 

What is online resolution? What is HD? 

You will see a description of all items in your gallery once you click on the size or resolution you are interested in. 

The social media resolution is a 1024 pixel longest edge image at 72 ppi (pixels per inch). 

It will display well on screen at a reasonable size (all social media platforms) but will not be ideal for printing and viewing full screen on big screens. 

The high resolution images are 15 megapixel images at 300ppi (pixels per inch). They will display well full screen on big screens and can be printed at size.

If the picture is displayed online, you will not be able to tell the difference between an online resolution image and a HD image. Online resolution images are not 'poor quality images', they merely have a different use.

Why such a price difference between social media resolution and HD?

The HD gives you complete control over the size at which you wish to use the image whether to project or print, and it gives you complete control over the number of prints you wish to do or how much you want to share it. In short, the HD gives you control over the complete value of our work. 

With prints we retain control over how many you print, and with social media resolution we retain some control over how the images can be displayed (they will not display well in print or on big screens). 

This is why prices differ, they are directly related to how much control you get over the value produced by our labour and expertise. 

I love a photo but it could do with extra editing. Can you edit images?

In short, we can have a look. 

We deal with about 15-20 000 images a week, we do our best to provide the best outcomes but a free photo session cannot provide the same outcomes as a pre-booked photo session for obvious reasons of time and cost constraints. 

We are expert photographers, but not expert Photoshoppers. We try to do our best when we take the photos but sometimes it simply more important to keep your little one at ease than to try to get the instructor out of the photo or to fix their goggles. 

If there is a photo you really like and would like an edit, let us know which and we will see if we can help. Some edits are easy and we can do it,  some are hard and we won't be able to help. 

Your alternative then is to purchase the HD image and get it edited by a professional photo editor. 

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