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Swim School
Photo Hoop

Splashes of life in picture!

Capture the bubbly liveliness of your child(ren) with vivid studio-quality underwater portraits. Photo Hoop is a fun photo session fully integrated to regular swimming lessons and a great creative alternative (or complement) to regular studio and school photography. 

They won’t be kids forever! We fix time and suspend gravity to capture the essence of childhood. 

How it works

- Ask your pool when we are coming to you. We come for a whole week, we call it photo week!


- Free session, no deposit, no obligation
to buy.


- Short (1-3min) semi-directed session, fully integrated to regular swimming lessons, no booking, no planning.


- Receive an email with login details to your personal password-protected online gallery.


- Pick and choose the photos you like best in prints or digital files or both. Receive your digital files directly by email, prints are posted direct to you. 


- Offers suiting all needs and budgets (starting from $15). 


- Cherish timeless memories of your child’s bubbly liveliness in a natural dynamic setting, record their progress in water and in life.

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