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Photo Booth

Put the fun goggles on!

You love water!? You want to capture that magic splash moment in a studio quality underwater photograph? Put the fun goggles on and jump in! 

Underwater Photo Booth is our super convenient, affordable, fun mini-session. No need to book, no obligation to buy, just jump, capture and share!

Ask your local (public) pool when we are coming to you.


- Free session, no deposit, no obligation
to buy.

- Available for anyone wanting to pose for the camera. From water babies to seniors, from splashers to athletes. 

- Short ‘freestyle’ session, fully integrated to regular pool attendance times, no booking, no planning.

- Order your images online through your personalised encrypted password-protected access, download them and/or receive them in the mail. 

- Get access to all Water Pixies’ offers of digital files or prints, best suiting your needs and budget (starting from $15). 

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