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Water Pixies' New Member; Erin!

Hey! I'm Erin, nice to meet you!

Of all things to shoot, people are the most unpredictable. That’s what I think makes portraiture so compelling – I never know what’s coming next! And it’s even more true with kids. I am constantly giddy with how pleasantly surprised I am by children and their complete spontaneity. Kids are impulsive, imaginative and hilariously outrageous, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my time than being immersed in the images that these little creative youngsters are featured in. Now, throw in the water factor and everything gets kicked up a few notches! You know that mid-jump freeze frame pose that was impossible to capture before? Look no further, we can get it underwater!

My experiences with Water Pixies so far have all been enjoyable ones, from chatting to excited parents showing up with their anxious but eager little ones and explaining what we do, to laughing while working my way through the thousands of unique and wildly entertaining photographs that come of the Jump! Underwater photo sessions. I even held my first bubba on the job, and OH MY GOD was she cute! I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the special memories that these parents can now have frozen in time and cherish forever.

Now I’ve only talked about half of why I am working with Water Pixies. I have always loved working with people, but photography has been my whole life since as long as I can remember. I live and breathe through a lens, so this job was a perfect way for me to combine both my inability to stop chatting and my love of shooting (the legal kind of course). I have been a professional photographer for about four years now, and I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve come by! As well as working with Gwen I also work with Emotion Wedding Photography and run my own portraiture company called Erin-Lee Photography – a little but strong business that I am very proud of! With this passion I am keen on expanding the more unconventional and avant-garde side of underwater photography in our Photo Studio sessions, with crazy dresses, suits and high heels! But one step at a time…

If you haven’t spotted me yet or I haven’t yet talked your ear off (unlikely), PLEASE feel free to come and have a chat!

Just keep swimming,

Erin xx

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