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Underwater Photo Studio sessions

An opportunity, a new development

Those of you who have been following us since the beginning know that we have primarily focused on our Swim School Photo Hoop up until now. We knew there were many logistical hurdles to realising a smooth workflow providing great quality service and product. We grabbed the bull by the horns and dove straight into photographing well over 1000 kids in our first 6 weeks of existence!

Fortunately, from the feedback we are getting, it appears we are doing it pretty well! The Christmas and New Year break, during which many of the pools closed, was a great opportunity to develop our Underwater Photo Studio, Water Pixies' high-end tailored approach to underwater photography. So we organised a couple Underwater Photo Studio sessions to test out lighting, pools, concepts and get our creative juices going!

Once again, I am quite happy to say that it was a success. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Location, location, location!

Your pool or ours!

We are happy to say that we are currently in talks with a WA household name of pool builders, to develop a partnership and have multiple studio locations around Perth!

We are also mobile! If you can't make it to where we are, let us come to you.

Candid or mise-en-scène?

We will be offering two types of Underwater Photo Studio Sessions: - the 30 minutes "candid-studio session", specifically tailored for maternity, engagement, family photos, for people wanting the finest photographs without the long studio sessions. We aim to capture the perfect moment.

- the 60 minutes "fashion photography" or "mise-en-scène" photo sessions, specifically tailored to image crafting, with the realisation and capturing of a concept and 'scene' requiring trial and error, repetition and therefore a longer, less playful session.

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