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Inaugural Photo Session at Jump! O'Connor. Success!

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

We've been working hard on developing Water Pixies for the last few months and it was time to turn theory into practice. We were extremely lucky to make first contact with Claire at Jump! O'Connor whom is local to our HQ, had been recommended to us by one of her pool-goers and was ideal for our inaugural photo session for a range of other reasons that I will cover in this post.

But first, some examples of the pics we took!

The session was split into two session types: we took some images during regular lessons to test out and get a feeling for the Jump! lessons; then we ran a series of 5min photo-sessions that had been advertised online and would allow us to test out the workflow on shooting day, but also test out our "post" workflow as we say in the industry, that is the curating, editing and uploading files onto password-protected online galleries.

Everything went extremely well, we aimed for and produced 3 portraits for the photos taken during the lesson, and aimed for and produced 10 quality photos for the images taken during the 5 min sessions. We had a couple of kids a little uneasy about water but nevertheless managed to always get a smile, with or without mummy and daddy. We also found that the split photographs (half underwater and half above water) were a great way to capture something special for those a little uneasy.

Overall we are pretty happy with the result!

Jump! O'Connor, a great partnership

First of all, even without knowing Claire, the Jump! Swim Schools set up works really well for the type of photography we would like to do. Jump! is very cosy, always with a small amount of children and parents about. This means that we don't need to rush through, show up from nowhere or bring children to another place than where their lesson takes place. And that usually means that everyone is more relaxed, which is the number one variable for a good portrait photograph.

Second, the young age of the children that Jump! mostly caters for means that their parents or guardian will be about. This is great for us as it facilitates asking parents there and then whether they would like their child to take part in the photo session, but it also allows them to see how we work and to ask any questions were they to have any.

So overall, the cosy family setting of Jump! works perfectly for the service we would like to offer.

Now on top of this, Claire has been a great supporter from the start, willing to try out things, to suggest solutions as well as take on board some of our wishes and limitations. It has felt like a true partnership from the start and we really look forward to photographing the rest of her clients from the 5th to the 11th of November.

Till then, blue skies,


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